The U.S. has the highest tort tax of any nation in the world. According to a recent study by the Institute for Legal Reform, tort costs amount to more than $3,300 per U.S. household, with numbers climbing even higher in some states. The last thing Americans suffering the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic need is to endure such outrageous costs.

Left unchecked, frivolous lawsuits related to the pandemic will make victims of us all by subjecting medical professionals to economically devastating legislation; delaying the development of tests, therapeutics, and PPE; bankrupting small businesses; impeding efforts to bring jobless Americans back to work; and driving up costs across economic sectors, increasing the financial burden on American households.

To achieve a true national recovery, it is critical that Congress and the states adopt legal liability protections for our healthcare heroes and providers, manufacturers and organizations involved in the recovery effort, and all businesses seeking to re-open and re-enter the economy.

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A federal liability shield will guard against lawsuit abuse and boost America's economic recovery.
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Protecting America’s Comeback