Across America, communities and businesses are working to safely and responsibly return to their lives, their jobs, and to come together to re-open the country. Protecting our families, neighbors, and the most vulnerable among us through this process is vital. Safety, above all else, must guide these efforts. As Americans rally to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, another crisis threatens to undermine the country’s economic comeback and delay critical healthcare solutions — a growing wave of illegitimate pandemic-related lawsuits.

Thousands of dangerous lawsuits have already been filed. Without a shield in place, these filings could jeopardize the country's re-opening effort. Frivolous lawsuits represent unnecessary barriers to the critical mission of re-hiring American workers and restoring jobs and the economy to the levels seen before the onset of the pandemic. These lawsuits also threaten to delay the development and distribution of COVID-19 tests, personal protective equipment (PPE), therapeutics, and potentially life-saving vaccine treatments.

The businesses, health care heroes and providers, non-profits, educational institutions, and other entities fighting through the pandemic to keep our communities safe should not be forced to deal with unnecessary obstacles as they seek to re-open and get Americans back on their feet again.

What is the Job Shield America Campaign?

Led by a coalition of employers, Job Shield America is dedicated to supporting a liability shield for our businesses, health care providers, and other entities fighting through the pandemic. Safe, smart, and effective protections for re-opening provide security for essential businesses and reassurance for everyday Americans.

Job Shield America will put an end to irresponsible lawsuit abuse and help communities, businesses, and families get back on their feet. Together, we can bring the millions who lost their jobs back into the workforce and protect those involved in the recovery effort.

In the battle against the pandemic, America must prioritize jobs and workers over frivolous lawsuits. Eliminating these harmful barriers assists in the recovery of lost jobs and protects our vital healthcare infrastructure. Congress must act now to enact a liability shield for American employers and safeguard our recovery and healthcare system.

Businesses, health care providers, and other entities that comply with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance to safely and responsibly re-open deserve the safe harbor offered by a federal liability shield. The solution is not immunity from all pandemic legislation, but common sense protections for those who have done their part to keep the country safe. We must protect these essential businesses and healthcare heroes as they fight against the pandemic and lead the American recovery.

The Solution

The Solution